“Love, the supreme musician, is always playing in our souls.” – Rumi

My parents were both musicians and my brother Aaron is an incredible musician.

He and I began PAX217 as an 11 year-old drummer and 16 year-old singer that went on to sell several hundred thousand records before there was social media. We sold records on tour from the back of the van. We gave it everything we had.  We played every show like it was our last and we were the last ones at the venue hanging with the fans, cause they were the reason for this connection, this sense of one-ness.



We played 200+ shows a year

We created the best we could and loved people the whole way.

I recently released a new song entitled “Where.” I’m now working with one of my best friends’ sons, Nolan. I saw it. I saw a 16 year old, mirrored like me, who wants to express through a new medium of music. I integrate my 20,000 hours of music with my love for going deep with others to explore with them what wants to be healed.  He’s recording, we’re creating a brand and I’m thrilled to see this grow.  FUN.


Fun happens when you come along side your friends son and help him do what he’s always wanted to do.