I picked up the camera because..

I am the observer, I am developing. 

I like to think of my camera is a meditational act of remembering to consider perspectives in every scene I experience. Some of my most enjoyable moments are when I’m lost in a city or nature quietly looking to see something in a new way.
The camera also gives me this wonderful ability to interact with others and have a conversation that leaves me so high, so full, simply because I connected with another human.  I pick up the camera when I have a vision for a photo that must be physically seen instead of just living in my mind. I spent most of my 14 year career taking photos for other people and I’ve learned a lot. Right now I’m in a process of developing new concepts to take my photographs to the next level.
Feels good to say it, I’m an artist.

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I wanna remind them to create, on any level

It fuels us. It allows us to let energy move through us, it is a type of “therapy.”

Therapy is defined as “Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.” Yes, creativity does. It heals because.. When we are living in pain, we simply have not allowed it to pass through. “It” is often thoughts turned to energy due to emotions we experience and our bodies trap those energies in the body. The body wants to release it.
The body calls out through pain to speak to us that there is something going on there. It serves us well to listen to that pain and explore it. “Pain, what are you wanting me to know? Thank you for coming to me. If you wouldn’t have shared that information with me, I would have likely missed it completely and had a larger break down in my body at some point.”

Keep creating, express through your pains and continue healing!

I love photography because it takes me into a meditation on the street, it allows me to quiet my mind, and step into a new sense of being.

I slow down, I don’t play loops about problems in my head, I just observe and enjoy and look at all the perspectives.

I love photogoraphy because it allows me to connect with people, to get ot know their story
And I get to be with them often one-on-one. I get to take them out of their element for sometimes just 15minutes amongst their business day.

I can give them a dose of love. That’s invaluable.