I love the idea of creating space.

Space in the mind. Space in for the heart to be. Space for Others to express their deepest joys and mountainous pain. Space that is reserved for peace. Space that reminds us that we are allowed to just be.

We’ve joined with the canyon in Laguna Beach, a partnership if you will between the canyon and some humans to just be. This is a space that is the birth of Creating Fun. It is the rebirth of two friends who just went to a place to be and to explore what was possible for their life.
We’re now looking to build that space into a place of rest that is a a part of our hosting Individuals and couples at our home in the canyon.

I’ve also begun “TMPL NGHTS”, a space for men to connect, create, and construct.  We meet once a month and our intention is to be vulnerable, through our creativity and be a resource for one another to build ourselves, our families, and our work.  It’s our Dead Poets Society >Warhol Factory> Innovation tank.

We take time to create space

to then dig deep with others and support them in their path to liberation.

We incorporate transformational teaching, coaching, rest, yoga, breath work, meditation, communication techniques, sauna, spa therapy, speech therapy, somatic healing work, neuro muscular massage, EMDR therapy, biofeedback, physical training, drum and rhythm therapy, art therapy, ecstatic dance, Surf lessons, hiking, and epic healthy meals. When we spend time together, you are completely taken care of. From the meals that are designed to your bodies needs, to warm towels, to medicines and practices of healing that work best for you, you’re experience will be one of understanding love in a deeper, more expansive way!